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Have a look to Frequently Asked Questions before you contact us; Windsurf Data Logger & Co. is shorten here after as "WDL".


1. what is WDL?

WDL is a free service to store geo-localized windsurf records and to share them with a community of registered users.


2. how mutch it cost? what are the terms, conditions and privacy policy?

WDL is free. WDL team strongly suggest to read carefully Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy pages.


3. I like WDL; how can I support this project?

WDL is expensive in terms of development but also in terms of fees for server infrastructure rental. If you want to contribute, contact us through the CONTACT page.


4. How can I access WDL?

User can join WDL by installing a mobile app (smarthphone or tablet) and/or through this website.


5. What are the mobile platforms supported?

WDL mobile APP is currently available for Android only; iOS support is in the roadmap.


6. What is the difference between mobile APP and website?

By using the WDL mobile app without registration you can:
- view, create, modify and delete user log
- view, create, modify and delete user spot
- register and join community
if you registered your account you can also:
- view community logs
- sync your logs and spots on the WDL cloud
- sync multiple devices with WDL cloud
- change community settings (avatar, mood, etc.)
- delete your community account


By using the WDL website without registration you can:
- view the community logs and the community spots (access to full archive, headers only)
- register and join the community
if you registered your account you can also:
- view your logs and your spots (that you created with the app)
- view community spot (access to full archive, details included)
- view community log (access to full archive, details included)
- comment any community log
- manage your following list and follower list
- add/delete pictures for your logs (max upload size is 3Mbyte)
- change your personal settings (avatar, mood, etc.)
- delete your account


7. Do I have to register an account with WDL to use the mobile app?

No. You can use the mobile app without creating a WDL account; in this case all contents (user log and user spot) remain on the device, they are not synched with the WDL cloud, you cannot sync your data across multiple device, you do not have access to community information (such as where other people are windsurfing).


8. Do I have to register an account with WDL to use the website?

No. You can browse WDL website whitout creating a WDL account; in this case you will have limited access to community contents and no access to user profiles, log details and spot detail. Moreover, you cannot interact with the members of the community (leave comments, post a picture, etc.).


9. I do not have a smartphone; can I access WDL using the website only?

Yes, you can register and access WDL via website only, however you cannot create logs or spots by usign the website (log and spot creation is possible only by using the mobile app). This means you can have access to community information (such as where do other people are windsurfing), leave a comment, but you cannot add your logs or spots to the community.


10. How can I add my logs and my spots to the WDL community?

User logs and user spots can be created, modified and deleted by using the mobile app only (it is not possible by using the website).


11. My account is valid for both the mobile app and the website?

Yes, username (the verified email used during the registration process) and the password are valid to access the website and to authenticate mobile app communications with WDL server.


12. Can I install WDL mobile app on more than one device?

Yes, you can install WDL mobile app on as many devices as you like. Tablets are supported as well. In case all instances of the app are configured with same user account, WDL server will take care of synching your DB between all devices (spartphone, tablet, etc).


13. What is "join the community" appearing on the mobile app? What is data base synching between multi devices?

In case user decides to "join community" (and to complete the registration process), the logs and spots stored by the mobile app are synched with the WDL cloud. The synchronisation allows you to:
- restore your windsurfing activity archive on any device in a a metter of seconds
- sync your archive between multiple devices (for example a tablet and a smartphone)
- share your records with the community


14. How many devices can I link to the same account?

There is no limitation.


15. Ok, I like the community but I what to keep some log or some spot private; is it possible?

Yes, mobile app has a setting "is private" for each log and and for each spot. If "is private" is checked, the item is marked as private and it will not appear in the community. If a spot is marked as "private", all the logs belonging to this spot are automatically marked as private.


16. Can I terminate my account?

Yes, you can terminate your account (delete account) from the mobile app by using a command under personal settings, or from the website, at any time.


17. What happen when I terminate my accont?

All of your information and contribution are deleted from the WDL cloud; this action can't be undone. User information could persist in WDL server backup for some period of time but there is no guaranteed that they can be restored.


18. How can I contact WDL team?

You can use proper Contact page.


19. I see offensive or inapproriate contens, or copyright violation in WDL community. What shall I do?

WDL has placed a deidcated link "flag abuse" in the user detail, spot detail and log detail pages. Follow these links and fill the form as described in Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy pages. WDL team will check your abuse notification and come back in a timely manner.


20. How can I add a picture to a log? What's the max picture size?

You can add a picture to your logs only; access the website, go to the log detail page and upload the picture with the dedicated form. Max upload file size is 3 MByte; picture will be resized.


21. How can I add a comment to a log?

You can add a comment to any log published in the community; access the website, enter the log detail page and place your comment with the dedicated form.


22. Can I delete a comment?

Yes, you can delete any of your comments and any of the comments attached to one of your logs. See Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy pages for more info.


23. How can I keet in touch with my friends? How can I add/remove an user to/from my following list?

Just enter user detail page and click the "follow" link; the selected user will appear in your personal following list. To remove a user, you can click the "x" button in the following list or enter the user detail page of the user your are following, that will have a "not follow" link.


24. How can I see which users are following me?

You can see your followers by checking the follower list from your personal detail page.


25. Can I block a user from following me or from attaching comments to my log?

Yes. To do this enter the user detail page of the user you want to block and click the "block" link; or, click the "x" button in the follower list you can find in your personal detail page; you can undo this action from the follower list or from the user detail page of the user you blocked, that will show an "un-block" command.


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